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3 Things to Add to the 2018 Time Capsule

As we flip the calendar to 2019, we decided to create a virtual time capsule for LaForce. President/CEO Brian Mannering and Vice Presidents John Knier and Jeff McGlachlin were asked what they would put in it to represent the year at LaForce. We had a great year, with new challenges, opportunities, and success – but a few things stuck out and made it into our 2018 virtual time capsule.

Acquiring Electronic Security Systems

On February 1, 2018, LaForce announced its acquisition of Electronic Security Systems (ESS), located in Warren, MI, bringing our Security Integration group to the next level. ESS and LaForce’s current Security Integration group now work together as one team, known as Electronic Security Systems Powered by LaForce. The acquisition has brought over 160 years of combined experience in the security industry to our business and has continued to provide our customers with the excellent service and industry knowledge they can count on.

Innovation and Improvement

2018 marked the first full year for Continuous Improvement within LaForce. The focus for the kick-off year was to look for “Opportunities for Improvement"(OFI) to help save time, eliminate the potential for error and think of new, up-to-date ways to accomplish a task.

In its debut year, the OFI’s brought over 1000 employee created improvement ideas to LaForce and demonstrated our employees’ commitment to going the extra step to find/create new ways to bring LaForce and our service to the next level for customers while keeping us ahead in the industry.

Increase in Internal Opportunities

Throughout the company, 2018 brought numerous opportunities for employees to practice leadership. This was not just through new positions within our leadership teams. At LaForce, leadership is shown in all ways, not just through managing people, but sharing knowledge with others, owning your work, caring and developing relationships, and being solution-oriented when problems arise.

We are proud of the internal position changes that occurred this year and the development we have seen through every employee at LaForce. In 2018, LaForce had 66 current employees accept new positions within the company, allowing them to take the next step in their career and maximize the career development opportunities we offer. We want our employees to grow professionally, which is why we give them the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities or apply for a new position within LaForce.

As we close our time capsule for 2018, we are excited to see what will fill the 2019 time capsule. LaForce is excited to kick off the New Year and make it the best one in our 65 years of business. We look forward to all 2019 will bring to our employees, business and the industry.