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2017 Recap

As LaForce prepares for a new year we are taking an opportunity to review the changes and successes that have come this past year. Take a look as we count down the days to 2018.

Facility Enhancements and company growth

LaForce has been a growing company since 1954, and 2017 was no exception. With a growing company comes the need for facility enhancements. This past year all of our kitchenettes were updated along with cosmetic updates to create a vibrant feel within our offices. Both the Detroit office and shop expanded while the Green Bay office built a large video/audio conference room, which can hold over 75 people.

Pre-Install Growth

In 2017, Pre-Installation was expanded to offer services in all of our locations. With the high demand for Pre-Install, we have added more Installers to our team through internal promotions and new employees, along with adding additional resources. Pre-Install, which is the process of installing hardware including electrified hardware, while checking for any defects before delivery to the job site, has allowed LaForce to save our customers time and money.

Security Integration Development

This year was a big year for Security Integration as we continue to grow our business. We have added more Field Technicians, with additional project management and technical assistance resources. We are currently close to offering 24/7 support, and our Security Integration group continues to expand their Product Certification training.

New Website Launch

The online hub of LaForce was in need of a renovation, and in November a new website was launched. The site provides a modern look and easy navigation which paints a clear image of LaForce, and our services to customers. The site also contains helpful tools, such as the blog, videos, featured projects, and more. Subscribe to our blog here.   

Record-Breaking Community Campaign

Every fall, LaForce holds the annual Community Campaign, which is a week-long fundraiser that is held in the offices to raise funds and awareness for a local charity voted on by employees. This year brought record totals as our generous employees and LaForce raised over $42,000! Read more about our Community Campaign with our recap blog about the event from October.

Shop Efficiencies

Consistency and a balanced workflow are the keys to success in our manufacturing. This past year we added five new brake presses to our shop, moving all of the shop computers onto the same software system. This creates a consistency in training employees who will now only need to learn a single computer program, ensuring quality and production. We have also spent a large portion of the year working on our Shop’s continuous improvement. An improved workflow has been created for frame production in our hollow metal shop.

Industry Strength

It was a successful year for business at LaForce, with an expectation to finish right on the target for what was projected in 2017. Our account managers continue to work to build relationships with our customers and have created new business opportunities across the country for LaForce.

LaForce is looking forward to what 2018 will bring. Stay tuned for what is expected in 2018 in our next blog.