tenant storage lockers

A Guide to Tenant Storage Lockers

LaForce is an expert with over 65 years of experience for all of your commercial door, hardware, and security needs! We are also a leader in Division 10 building specialties, such as partitions, bathroom accessories, and lockers. More specifically, we provide tenant storage lockers through a variety of vendors, such as WireCrafters.

These locker-like devices are used in different buildings in order to provide both protection and security.  They are ideal for protecting personal items and confirming that your personal belongings are indeed safe, specifically within apartments and condos that do not have enough space for a tenant’s belongings.

However, not all of these lockers are the same, right? So, LaForce is here to help break down each type of locker and what they can be used for.

Tenant storage lockers are made of welded wire mesh, thus they are strong and secure. Further, this type of locker allows for flexibility as well. This allows manufacturers and installers to provide a custom fit and have the storage area look aesthetically pleasing as well. One of our vendors, WireCrafters, has provided some great insight into how tenant lockers can be used and their various styles.

First, tenant storage lockers come in two different styles. The first is the basic single tier walk-in. This is perfect for a building that requires people to move out-of-season items within a locker or other storage. Further, this locker comes in a variety of size options and options regarding ceiling and back panels, as well as shelves and floor panels.

The other type of style that LaForce can offer is the double tier locker. This is oftentimes used when there are more people and less spaces as it allows for additional locker space with a double tier. This, again, has options regarding height and panels, etc.

With the option to have LaForce supply your tenant storage lockers, we are able to help you make decisions regarding what works best for your building! Contact a LaForce representative to get started!

Thank you to Chris Jenquin, Division 10 Specialties Project Engineer, for providing his expertise for this blog.