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6 Steps When Planning a New Security System

Facility owners and managers juggle user demands every day. Besides maintenance and functionality, a top concern is building security. People and assets require diligent, technologically advanced protection. But where does one begin!?

Today we will cover six considerations for finding the right security system! Special thanks to Tony Warren, a Security Integration Field Project Manager at LaForce, for providing his 10+ years of experience for today’s blog.

1) User Friendliness

Is the system too simple or too complex for the average user? Some people are more tech-savvy than others, so it’s important to choose a system that is intuitive to user capabilities.

2) Expandability

You might start out securing just one door, but down the road, your business or facility might expand. Most systems are scalable, so choose one that will grow with your needs.

3) Level of Interaction

Are you willing to be hands-on with your security system, or would you like it managed on your behalf? Depending on your style and capabilities, the system may require more or less owner/manager interaction.

4) Credential Types

You can choose to access your secured building with something as simple as a proximity card or something as advanced as an app on your mobile phone. Biometric devices, such as finger or retina readers, are also an option! Many LaForce systems can accommodate multiple types of credentials, so discuss this with your consultant.

5) Needed Requirements

Are there internal and/or industry standards that your security system must meet? For example, food processing facilities must adhere to strict security rules. Keep this in mind when choosing the right system.

6) Lockdown Capabilities

Do you need to have areas with “lockdown” capabilities? Lockdowns are typically used in situations where there is an imminent threat, such as an active shooter. Knowing if you need lockdown capabilities will steer your decision-making process. Subjective variables must be discussed in order to create the correct system and action plan.

Better security means better business. Safeguard your building today with Electronic Security Systems powered by LaForce!