5 Ways to Protect Exterior Doors from Wind Damage

5 Ways To Protect Exterior Doors from Wind Damage

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Constant high winds or wind gusts can wreak havoc on door openings, specifically door closer arms and spindles. If your doors are frequently affected by the wind, follow these tips to help protect them from permanent equipment damage.

Place a Door Stop Behind the Door

Use a door stop to limit the door to open 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees. This can help prevent over-extension of the closer arm and prevents the hinges from pulling on the door or the frame, protecting the integrity of the entire door opening.

Block the Wind

Create a porch-like atmosphere around the door opening by using brick, glass, wood, or landscape materials such as plants and/or bushes to help block the wind. Doing so can help deter wind from directly hitting the door and can prevent wind gusts from damaging the door hardware.

Check for and Adjust the Backcheck on the Closer

Backchecks are a feature in hydraulic door closers that control the door by preventing it from opening too fast or slamming against other objects, such as walls. Therefore, backchecks are important for slowing the door as it opens. If there is not a backcheck on your closer, you may want to consider updating and replacing it.

Install Overhead Stops

Overhead stops are devices installed along the top of the door and connected to the frame. They are intended to limit the door swing to no more 85 to 110 degrees (generally). Overhead stops help people control the swing of the door without damaging the closer, other hardware, or the wall. Although an overhead stop can be added to an existing door with a closer, it must be correctly installed to prevent interference with the closer’s movement.

Replace the Opening

When replacing the door, frame, and hardware, it is important to make sure that the door is installed so that it opens opposite of the direction the wind most commonly gusts. Doing so can help prevent wind damage in the future.

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