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4 Common Door Problems when the Seasons Change

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The changing seasons can impact your commercial hardware and make it difficult to open and close your doors. Sometimes all you need is a simple adjustment to fix it! Check out these four simple modifications you can make to get your doors ready for the next season.

1. Door Closer Adjustments

As the weather changes, so do the heating and ventilation systems within your building. These changes affect the air pressure in your building, therefore affecting the force needed to close doors. Adjusting door closers each spring and fall can help overcome the pressure changes. Follow this guide to easily adjust your commercial door closer. Be sure any adjustments comply with ADA regulations.

2. Door Hinge Problems

In addition to air pressure, hinges can also affect door closing and opening forces. Once a year, hinges should be lubricated and checked for excessive wear. Hinges that are worn will require extra closing force, which could put undue strain on the door closer. Keep in mind that when replacing hinges, install ball-bearing hinges on all doors with door closers to prevent undue wear on the closer and other door hardware. Also, remember to never use spray lubricants (ex. WD-40) as they will attract and hold dirt in the mechanism.

3. Drafty Doors

If the weatherstripping around your door is worn or loose, it may cause binding at the hinge edge of the door preventing the door from closing completely and causing a draft. Most weatherstripping is manufactured with slotted screw holes so you can adjust it to improve the seal, or you may need to install new weatherstripping. Our blog“Save Winter Energy Costs with Your Doors” offers additional tips for preventing drafts. You can also contact the experts at LaForce to make sure you use the correct weatherstripping.

4. Misaligned Locking Mechanism

A loose lock or misaligned strike can prevent a door from latching. It may also make the door difficult to open, which could pose a potential threat in an emergency situation. The locking mechanism should be checked for adjustment and lubricated at least once a year. Use this checklist as a guide when maintaining your lock cylinders.

The experts at LaForce can provide you with the best possible building solutions any time of year, whether you’re constructing a new building, remodeling, or need help with maintenance and seasonal adjustments. Give us a call today and learn how we can help you with your next project!