White door in the Fall

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Doors

Are you looking for a team of experts to handle a building upgrade, renovation, or complete overhaul? Look no further! LaForce has a specialized staff to handle remodels and modifications. We will efficiently handle your door opening and security needs!

In today’s blog, we explore three common reasons that our customers choose to replace their doors. Special thanks to Tim Spoores, a Building Products and Security Consultant from our Columbus, OH office, and Matt Zimmerman, Security Integration Project Manager, for providing pictures and project examples.

Problem 1: Your Doors Are Not Secure

Safety and security are top concerns for every facility, which is why the number one reason doors are updated is to modernize their security integration components. At Ripon College in Ripon, WI, administrators desired an updated building access control system with better support functions. The campus also required an up-to-date lockdown system. LaForce provided project design, installation, and testing for Ripon College, and now provides on-going support for the security system.

Problem 2: Your Doors Don’t Function Properly

As a building’s needs change, so do the functionality of its door openings. In this example, Caldwell Elementary School in Round Rock, TX required updated building access control on a building. The pictured door opening needed to accommodate students with disabilities, but did not coordinate correctly. LaForce supplied auto operators and building access control to provide an effective solution to the evolving needs of this school.

Problem 3: Your Doors Are Old and You Need a Commercial Door Replacement

Updating historical buildings can be a challenge for many facilities, such as schools and churches. For example, the University of Texas wanted to upgrade old wood doors on its Littlefield Carriage House in Austin, TX. The new set of doors, provided by LaForce, integrates with the systems security of the campus and also maintains the historical aesthetics of the building. This picture demonstrates the change from high maintenance wood to a more durable fiberglass door with a wood-grain finish.

Whatever problems your door(s) present, LaForce can help you modernize your building and bring it up to code. We can assist with a minor product replacement or throughout a major redesign. Whether you have a quick question or require an extensive consultation – let LaForce handle your inquiries and building renovations!