Motorized shades used in a business

11 Different Types of Motorized Shades

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Motorized shades/motorized roller shades are a type of electric window covering which is utilized to block light from entering the room. The shades are designed to be convenient and can be used in an interior setting where the operator can flip a switch or push a button on a remote, which will cause the shade to either descend or ascend to the operator’s preferred location.

Shades can be a great solution to protect against heat, sun glare, and UV rays. Shades are available for either small buildings or large-scale facilities and come in a variety of fabrics and colors to meet your aesthetic. Customers can decide between shades that are transparent, opaque, or somewhere in between. Motorized shade options are the perfect solution to airport terminals, sporting arenas, restaurants, and other large venues.

Draper Inc., a LaForce trusted supplier, offers 11 different types of motorized shades:

  • I/O AC – for small to mid-size venues
  • AC – for stand-alone or large-scale facilities
  • 485 AC – with push button and external control
  • RTS AC – with wireless control options
  • ReCharge – for where wiring is not available
  • 2 – for large and tall areas
  • Battery – offers a quiet and smooth transition for difficult areas
  • ST30 DC – low-voltage motor and low wiring costs
  • 50 DC – for larger widths
  • XL – for windows that are 5”+ and greater width
  • Solar control options for large windows

LaForce works with Draper to find the correct shade based on the width, roller options, power, and motor capability. Contact LaForce to get started on ordering motorized shades for your new facility or renovation project, or to have your Division 10 questions answered by one of our Building Specialty experts.