Key Systems

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LaForce’s keying experts design effective keying systems that maintain superior building security. We guide building owners and facility managers throughout the keying process. When planning a key system, we consider the current system’s functions and potential future needs. 

Key System Process

LaForce keying specialists partner with project managers to provide quality products and a convenient system. 

  1. Initial Meeting
    If required in the specifications, LaForce staff members meet with the building owner to determine the building’s security needs. 

  2. Design the System
    Our experts use the owner’s security needs to outline a functional system. 

  3. Match Products
    LaForce’s team of experts recommends products that best fit owner requirements. 

  4. Finalize the Plan
    After the building owner chooses a key control policy, implementation plan, and record management system, LaForce designs a keying plan to fit the personalized processes. 

  5. Save the Plan
    After the building’s keying system is complete and the door locks are installed, LaForce securely stores the building’s key system record for future reference. 

Key Products and Services:

  • Interchangeable cores
  • Patented key systems
  • Stock multiple manufacturers' keys
  • Provides custom key cutting
  • High security key systems
  • Standard key systems
  • Rekeying core and cylinder capabilities
  • Develops key schedules
  • Designs key systems
  • Stocks keying products for quick turnaround

Noteworthy Key Accounts

US Cellular White Sox Field
(Chicago, IL)

Lurie Children’s Hospital

Baptist Homes of IN Hoosier Village

Ashton Creek Health & Rehab
(Indianapolis, IN)

Hammond Horseshoe Casino

Associated Bank Corporation 

Schneider National Inc Headquarters
(Green Bay, WI)

Lambeau Field
(Green Bay,WI)

Marquette University
(Milwaukee, WI)

VA Medical Center
(Iron Mountain, MI)

State Farm Discovery Campus
(Phoenix, AZ)

Aetna Cotton Center
(Phoenix, AZ)

Level One Bank Headquarters
(Detroit, MI)

Varsity Ann Arbor
(Detroit, MI)