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LaForce’s certified fire door, smoke door, and egress door inspectors increase life safety, protect property, and limit liability. Annual inspection of these door types is a requirement of the model building codes. NFPA 80, the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives has required the annual inspection of fire rated openings since the 2007 edition. NFPA 105, the Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives has required the annual inspection of smoke rated openings since the 2003 edition. NFPA 101, Life Safety Code has required the annual inspection of fire rated openings and certain egress openings since the 2009 edition. And IBC, International Building Code, has referenced versions of all three of these codes and standards requiring annual inspection, since the 2012 edition.

When it comes to fire doors and smoke doors, all commercial building types, including apartment buildings and hotels, fall under the requirement for annual inspection. When it comes to egress openings, annual inspection applies to particular openings in the following occupancy types: Assembly, Educational, Day-Care, and Residential Board and Care.  

In new construction, initial inspection of fire and smoke doors is required to obtain a certificate of occupancy. In existing buildings, maintenance of fire, smoke and egress openings is not only a requirement of the code but essential for the protection of your property and safety of your occupants. Facility owners, building managers and general contractors can utilize LaForce’s inspection services to make sure their buildings are in compliance.

Why Be Proactive?

  • Protect the people in your facility. 
  • Avoid potential liability issues. 
  • Avoid potential Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) fines from non-code compliant openings. 
  • Locate doors that have been altered and compromise the safety of building occupants. 
  • Ensure that an opening’s components have been installed properly and function as intended.
  • Provide an opportunity for maintenance personnel or contract employees to learn the proper installation procedures of fire rated openings. 


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