Restrooms & Lockers

Restroom and locker room products need to be high quality and hygienic. LaForce provides accessories that are durable, welcoming, and sanitary. 

Toilet Partitions                            

  • Powder coated painted steel partitions
  • Plastic laminate partitions
  • Stainless steel partitions
  • Solid plastic partitions
  • Shower/dressing compartments
  • Urinal/vision screens
  • Phenolic partitions
  • Replacement parts for all manufacturers



  • Steel lockers
  • Solid Plastic lockers
  • Plastic laminate lockers
  • Phenolic lockers
  • Locker room benches



Bath Accessories

  • Grab bars
  • Hand and hair dryers
  • Recessed washroom accessories
  • Sanitary napkin/tampon disposals and dispensers
  • Shower curtains and shower seats
  • Soap dispensing equipment
  • Stainless steel framed mirrors
  • Stainless steel shelving
  • Surface mounted washroom accessories
  • Toilet paper dispensers
  • Baby changing station


Products & Manufacturers

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products and manufacturers,

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Noteworthy Accounts

Palos Hospital
(Palos Heights, IL)

Midwestern University Clinic 
(Downers Grove, IL)

Sauk Prairie Hospital
(Prairie Du Sac, WI)

Waukesha County Health & Human Services
(Waukesha, WI)