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Since its establishment in 1954, LaForce, Inc. has grown to become one of the largest distributors of doors, frames, hardware, security, and building specialties in the United States. The company’s services include custom manufacturing of doors and frames, product installation, pre-installation, pre-finishing, security integration, specification writing, fire door inspections, and keying. 

Each division at LaForce specializes in a specific task from the start of a project to completion. These employees are highly educated and trained to be experts, so that we can complete jobs efficiently and accurately. Customized computer processes create seamless communication between teams, to ensure superior customer service. To support our specialized areas, we utilize our own fleet of vehicles, which allows better control over our delivery times.

LaForce is built around the strength of its employees and community. Headquartered in Green Bay, WI, LaForce also operates many additional locations throughout the country. The growth of the company allows for the development of our employees by creating opportunities for their career paths and further training and education.

With some of the most highly respected individuals in the industry on our staff, we are well positioned to teach the next generation of industry experts.

Our History

The LaForce story began in 1954 when Joe LaForce, along with a partner, bought a hardware supply business in downtown Green Bay. Three years later, Joe bought out the partnership and formed LaForce Builder’s Supply. He spent the next decade expanding the business’ product line to include commercial hollow metal door frames.

By 1969, it became apparent that in order to sell with consistent quality and make timely deliveries, LaForce would need in-house door and frame production capabilities. Fortunately, well-timed acquisitions of bending and cutting machines provided the necessary assets to begin manufacturing LaForce’s own line of innovative custom hollow metal door frames. Then, in the 1980s, LaForce was one of the first in the industry to begin using computer software to streamline processes. In 2000, LaForce started offering security options to customers, and this has grown into LaForce’s current Security Integration division – a team of security experts that can design and manage security systems of any size.

Shortly after expanding the manufacturing process, LaForce landed its first job in the Chicago area, where the company has been an active and growing presence ever since. LaForce now has locations across the country.

Today, LaForce is one of the largest providers of commercial doors, frames, hardware, security products, and building specialties in the United States. In addition, LaForce offers services such as custom manufacturing of doors and frames, product installation, pre-installation, pre-finishing, security integration, architectural services, fire door inspections, and keying.

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Did You Know?

  • LaForce is a leading distributor of doors, frames, and hardware.
  • Since 2000, LaForce has added eight office locations.
  • In its early years, LaForce shared offices with Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers organization.
  • LaForce’s President/CEO started out in the company’s shipping/receiving area.
  • Company founder Joe LaForce was one of the first graduates of UW-Madison’s Construction Management program. 


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