Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

LaForce values employees' health and well-being. Full-time employees are able to take part in our health, dental and vision coverage for themselves as well as spouse and dependents.


Saving for retirement is a priority! LaForce provides a 401K match dependent upon personal contributions, and employees are immediately able to contribute their own money into a traditional or Roth 401K.

Time Off

Leisure time away from work is important. LaForce offers employees vacation time to get away and relax. We also offer paid sick leave for family illnesses, doctor appointments and other emergency situations.

Life Insurance

LaForce provides a life insurance policy for all full-time employees and offers employees the option to purchase additional coverage for themselves and their spouses and children.

Disability Insurance

LaForce provides long-term disability coverage for full-time employees covering any non-work related injury or illness after a 60 day waiting period.

Tuition Reimbursement

LaForce believes learning is a lifelong process. If an employee is interested in going back to school, whether for one class or a degree, LaForce will reimburse a portion of tuition expenses provided that the education pertains to the employee’s current position or growth in the company. LaForce will also financially support employees who are interested in getting industry related accreditations.

Employee Testimonials

"The best part about my job is working together with other employees to complete a project. The teamwork and communication are always excellent." 
Luke S. (Estimating, works from home)

 “LaForce has a great support group of people that help me day in and out with my job.
  ~ Ron B. (Salesperson)

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is contributing to the development of new employees. It’s great to see them grow into their positions and expand into new roles.” 
~ Kevin L. (Branch Manager)

“The leadership at LaForce has always impressed me with their ability to plan for the future in order to create a very stable working environment.  It is always business as usual here no matter what the economic circumstances.” 
~ Shawn B. (Architectural Services)